What is NameScore?

NameScore is an online name checking service for companies and startups that checks business names and product names and provides the results as a clearly structured multi-page PDF report.

Company data

  • NameScore launch: Q3/2018
  • CEOs: Mark Leiblein, Moritz Scholz
  • Team: Developers of the well-established online naming software NameRobot
  • Place of business: Munich, Germany
  • Mailing address: Erzgießereistr 30, 80335 Munich, Germany

Core features of NameScore

  • Online name checking service for companies and startups
  • Concise presentation of all results in the NameScore Report
  • Concise dashboard with all completed name checks

NameScore performs the following name checks:

  • Trademark check – Is your name or a similar name already registered as a trademark?
  • Domain availability – Which top-level domains are available?
  • Search Engine and App Store availability – Does your name already generate results in search engines and app stores?
  • Social Media availability – Has anyone already claimed your name on various social media platforms?
  • Hidden potentials and traps – Does your name contain existing words, possibly from other languages?
  • Sound – How does your name sound? Hard or soft, male or female, melodic or sharp?

Advantages for users:

  • easy to use
  • detailed checks
  • fast results
  • concise evaluations
  • experienced development team
  • guaranteed discretion

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