What is NameScore?

NameScore is an online name checking service for companies and startups that reviews business names and product names and provides the results as a clearly structured multi-page PDF report. The analysis is useful for deciding on a promising company or product name.
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What aspects does NameScore check?

NameScore examines several aspects of your name – from classic trademark research and marketing chances in the online world, all the way to phoneme evaluation based on the sounds that make up the name. NameScore's checks cover legal*, marketing-oriented and aesthetic aspects.

The tests carried out answer the following aspects of your name, among others:

  • Trademark search – Is your name or a similar name already protected as a trademark?
  • Domain Availability – Which top-level domains are available?
  • Search engine / AppStore availability – Is your name already frequently found in popular search engines and AppStores?
  • Social media availability – In which social networks is your name already used?
  • Hidden potentials and stumbling blocks – Does your name contain (foreign-language) terms?
  • Sound – What are the sound characteristics of your name? Is it a hard or a soft name? What feelings does it evoke?

The NameScore team is constantly working on extending the NameReport. The NameReport is therefore regularly expanded to include additional content.

* does not replace legal advice from a lawyer

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