NameScore is an online name checking service for companies and startups that reviews business names and product names in terms of quality, suitability and usability. The results are being provided as a clearly structured multi-page PDF report.

The team behind NameScore are seasoned experts in the world of business naming. Since 2011, we have been developing numerous professional business naming solutions under the brand NameRobot:

  • NameRobot: the largest German-language portal for business naming with numerous intelligent brainstorming tools, name generators and name checks
  • Namefruits: a unique Artificial Intelligence that researches, creates, and checks unique company names for founders and startups
  • Flying Names: a smart online naming agency for the perfect name in just 3 weeks
  • Apps for Words: inspirational tools for your smartphone that help you find original keyword-based ideas
  • NameRobot FUN: Funny name generators that create clever character names for a wide range of applications based on first and last names.

The simple interface allows you to generate a report quickly. The report saves you time and stress.

The NameScore Backend

NameScore examines several aspects of your name – from classic trademark research and marketing chances in the online world, all the way to phoneme evaluation based on the sounds that make up the name. NameScore's checks cover legal (does not replace legal advice from a lawyer), marketing-oriented and aesthetic aspects.

The tests carried out answer the following aspects of your name, among others:

  • Trademark search – Is your name or a similar name already protected as a trademark?
  • Domain Availability – Which top-level domains are available?
  • Search engine / AppStore availability – Is your name already frequently found in popular search engines and AppStores?
  • Social media availability – In which social networks is your name already used?
  • Hidden potentials and stumbling blocks – Does your name contain (foreign-language) terms?
  • Sound – What are the sound characteristics of your name? Is it a hard or a soft name? What feelings does it evoke?